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Ahhhh spring….

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

So it’s officially spring here in Michigan. The snowbirds (the older folks that move south for the winter) are back. Watch out on the roads and in the restaurants. The motorcycles are out. Watch out on the roads and the sidewalks. And, oh glories of glories, the college baseball team is out in full force for practice. There is a very good reason God created 20something year old guys that run in very small shorts. God also made 30something year old housewives with kids. My street is on the running route from the college to the ball field. Thank You Lord for baseball.

Ok, with my tongue back in my head and my thoughts back on general things, I’m back in the coffee shop. It’s about time to go, though, I did all my running before I got here except for picking up J’s allergy medicine at the pharmacy. I’m afraid little J is going to have a problem with allergies, too. I’ve had all the windows open in the house and now he and his daddy have sneezes and snotty noses. Poor things. So I can either medicate them or run the air conditioner. And it’s not nearly warm enough for the air conditioner. Drugs it is.

Let’s see, nothing else exciting happened this week. We actually made it to bible study Tuesday and church Wednesday night, that’s a first in a long time. Little J still won’t let me leave him in the nursery. So it looks like I’ll get to teach him how to sit quietly in church. He has started screaming everytime I leave him anywhere. Poor thing. And I just don’t see the benefit in letting him scream, I would think that teaches him to hate the nursery rather than get used to it. But S loves it, so that’s half the battle. She’s learning bible vierses for her Wed. night class. The verse has been easy for her to learn, the Psalms 150:1 part has been harder for her to get. But she’s not even 3 yet so it’ll come.

Well, that’s all for now. It’s time to get back out in this beautiful weather and pick up meds for J. Then we’re going to do a few more running around things then it’s bath time for kids and bed time for everyone. More later…

Celebrating Easter

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

First a praise: Thank You Lord for this beautiful sunny day and the promise of warmer weather. Thank You for my beautiful children that are growing stronger and smarter every day. Thank You for my wonderful husband who loves us all completely and provides so well for us. And most importantly of all, Thank You for the amazing gift of Your SON who died for my sins so that I can live with You in Eternity one day.

I have to tell ya’ll, I’m pretty hooked on Veggie Tales. Right now I’m listening to their Easter Songs, and right now it’s something that I can only guess is “The Easter Bunny Hop Rap”. Bob says, “that’s uh, fantizzle”. Ok, maybe it’s a location thing, you had to be there to hear it. I have crossed over, just so you know. I get my news from the Disney channel and the only music and movies I’ve bought in the last year have been kids stuff. Except for he Alan Jackson one, “Precious Memories”. It’s GREAT.

So I’ve got sick kids for Easter. Well, actually, S’s sick with a bad cough and very stuffy nose and horrible attitude. She’s on cough medicine. Little J has a bladder infection and is on an antibiotic but he’s feeling much better. I’ve still got a bad cough and am still on antibiotic but I’m getting better slowly, too. J is the only one that’s not sick and hasn’t been sick in while. Course now that I’ve said that he’ll wake up in the night with a high fever. Dear Lord, please don’t let J get sick.

So at breakfast this morning S and J were drawing pictures and she wanted a cat for her. So J drew her a cat drinking a big water. She said Little J needed a dragon. What do dragons eat? Tires. And what do they drink? Hot coffee. But coffee is too hard for cats so they drink water. And she’s a big girl so she can drink daddy’s coffee with a spoon. Little J will eat anything as long as it comes off my plate and he’s able to get it with his own hands. Feeding him has become very difficult, he wants to do it himself but isn’t quite coordinated enough to get stuff on the spoon and into his mouth without spilling it on himself. And noodles and peas just aren’t as fun with his fingers, he wants to put them on the spoon. Then he gets frustrated and throws the spoon and the noodles on the floor. The dog eats very well at our house.

Well, I had better wrap this up, I’ve got freezer stuff in the car and I’m at the coffee shop again. I love this place. I’ll just have to remember to bring in my own CD. J’s stuff is too distracting. Course I’m tempted to sing with the Veggie Tales stuff, but oh well, the world isn’t perfect, right?

More later, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and say your own thank you’s to God for the perfect gift of eternal life He gave us.