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My Husband…the Yankee.

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

So the other day I was making beef stew for dinner. It was wonderful, had been in the crock pot all day, the whole house smelled amazing, I was really looking forward to dinner, beef stew, with gravy, of course, and cornbread. Is there anything better? So my husband calls as he’s leaving work with the “what’s for dinner” question and I told him my plan. He was a little hesitant at the cornbread so I said “or I have some rolls in the fridge”. Well, poor little city boy that he is, he jumped for the rolls. “Honey, when the options are ‘cornbread OR whatever’, unless the ‘whatever’ is a steaming plate of dog poo, I’ll always take it. Cornbread or steamed hamster? I guess I’ll take the cornbread but keep the hamster warm just in case.” Poor yankee. I guess he never had a Paw Paw that let him eat cornbread and buttermilk out of a glass. Life can be so cruel.

On the plus side, though, we have had almost a whole week with no child in our bed. We moved kids and rooms around last Friday night and it has been such a smooth transition I have wondered why we didn’t do it sooner. I have actually had two nights in a row where I only got up once. Can you believe that? I know, it’s great. Of course, we’re going to get the kids used to being alone in their rooms and then we’re going to go spend a week in a hotel room together. That will completely mess up any routine we’ve ever even imagined. Oh well. It’s worth it.

Well, I’m off, again. Have to run to Wal-Mart and get wipes. And maybe I’ll replace my pillow. I made the horrible mistake of letting Little J sleep on my pillow in his bed and now I can’t take it back. Not that I would want, too, either. He’s a drooler. To look at my pillowcase you’d thing the boy chews on Tootsie Rolls in his sleep. And yes, I wash the pillowcase often. So anyway, I’m off. More later…