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In a hurry…

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

So here I sit again, finally. It’s been almost a whole month since my last post and boy, has a lot happened. So let’s start at the beginning. The week before Memorial Day the whole family piled in the car and drove to Alabama. My family reunion is that Saturday and we try to go every year. The food alone makes it worth the drive. Except that Little J hates the car, he screamed the whole way down. 16 long hours. Long, long, agonizing hours. That was Tuesday. Wednesday, I took him to the pediatrician (my cousin Gabrielle was a real blessing, let me tell you) only to find out the poor boy has strep as well as a reaction to the antibiotic he started Monday. So we got a new antibiotic and by Thursday he was a completely different child. My sister and her family came in from Oklahoma Thursday afternoon and we had a big get together at my Mom’s house that night, we got to meet my brother’s fiancée and her daughter, very nice people. (the wedding’s in a few weeks) We all had a great time. Friday was spent at the pool at the hotel, or as S called it, the who-tel. Then Saturday was the reunion. I miss being close to everyone so much it almost makes me cry to talk about it. Got to see relatives I’ve never met, and loved every minute of it. And best of all, Little J conquered his fear of walking barefoot on the grass. J It was so funny to watch, all afternoon he spent his time on the patio and finally at the end of the day, he was watching S and other assorted cousins play on the swing set and he finally just looked out at the yard, looked back at me, grinned, and took off. It was too cute. Diaper sagging, body sweaty, hands and feet grimy, and all 5 teeth showing in a big grin. Everybody slept well that night.


Sunday was the beginning of the drive home, we decided to take 2 days and stop halfway through. Well, we stopped a little less than halfway. We made it home Monday night, Memorial Day night, and J got up and made it to work Tuesday morning. I woke up to the lovely sound of puking kids. It was horrible. By about 9:30 I had called my wonderful mother-in-law and begged her to come help me. Both kids threw up all day long and she and I spent the day holding heads and cleaning. Wednesday, J stayed home sick. Thursday, both my MIL and I were sick. It was a horrible week. But I think by the following Saturday everyone was at least well enough to leave the house. So that was our vacation. Then starting in June, ta-da….. S started summer school!


Yes, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 9:30 till noon she’s in mini summer camps. She loves it. She had been talking for weeks about going to school and now she’s actually going. She has such a good time. Tuesday is Little Roots and Thursday is craft camp. We now have a Bible cover, a birdhouse, and a decorated flowerpot with tissue paper flowers. It’s great. Little J and I go to bible study on Tuesday and he’s been staying in the nursery. Then on Thursday we’ve been doing fun things, going to breakfast, going to Wal-Mart, and just spending alone time together. We all love it. Then we go pick her up at noon and we come home and we all take a nap.


And, we have just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons for S. She really loved that. And while she was pretty fearless in the water before, she didn’t really like going under or getting water in her face. Last week at the pool, she jumped off the very adult diving board in the very very deep end. It was great. But as much fun as she had taking the classes and as much fun as I had watching her, it was very difficult because it was hard for J to get home in time to watch Little J so I could watch S. And I had to watch her; twice she got out of the sight of the two teachers and got over her head. There were two teachers and 6 kids so they really had a good eye on the kids, but two times she got away from them. Not ling enough to harm her at all but long enough to scare the bejeebers out of me. And out of the teachers because both times I was yelling her name at the top of my voice. And believe me, my voice is pretty loud. But she survived. And so did I.


So let’s see, I think now I’m pretty much caught up. Well, not really because S had her 3rd birthday in June. She’s so grown up it’s amazing. And cut her hair for the first time tonight. It’s now all one length and it stops at about her shoulders. It’s very cute. I’ll send a picture to all the important people soon. Of course I keep saying that and it hasn’t happened yet.


Well, it’s almost 9 here and they close at 9 so I need to wrap this up. I’ll do another post when I get home because I haven’t even begun to brag about Little J yet, he’s changed so much in just the last few weeks he deserves him own post. So I’ll write more later…