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Fall Fever….

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

So today is the first day of fall. It’s been forever since I last posted, it’s even bee forever since I’ve really emailed anyone anything other than the silly forwards that I deem “pass-on-able”. So here’s what’s going on in our lives lately. J and I are doing the South Beach diet. He’s been much more successful than I have been. He’s already close to the 20lb mark that we challenged my sister and her husband to meet before Thanksgiving. I’ve lost about 5lbs. But the real challenge is about to begin, my sister and her husband ordered a BowFlex and it was delivered this week. Now the fun begins. 🙂

The kids are doing great, Little J is so smart it amazes me sometimes. He  figured out how to push the button on the book to play the music thing he likes to dance to. So he’ll sit the book up on the couch,  push the button, dance till the music stops then go back and push it again. He did this for about 10 minutes the other day. Then S came downstairs and took the book away from him so he pushed her. Oh well. We love to dance at our house now, I’ve gotten a “big band swing” cd for little J, that’s his favorite. S likes the “mambo music” so she has a salsa CD and I have one that works well for cardio workouts. We usually dance a little bit every afternoon while I’m cooking dinner.

We have learned, also, that our kids are almost fearless. We’ve been going to the pool at the Christian Family Centre here in town and S’s favorite thing is to jump off the diving board. She loves it. Little J likes to climb the ladder and look at me from the diving board, he’s not as keen on jumping off. He loves to be in the water, though, but he wants to be held, he’ll tolerate the float for a little while then he’ll tolerate the life vest for a while, then he wants out of both and just wants to be held so he can click the vest by himself.  S would spend the whole time jumping off the board and climbing back up to jump again. We go usually every weekend, if not both Friday and Saturday nights.

Let’s see, what else. We’re finally getting back into church, just in time for flu season. That’s why we had stopped going in the first place, everytime we left little J in the nursery we were all sick by the next week. But the pediatrician seems to think that’s the best thing for him to get sick and well over and over again. I can agree that his immune system needs to strengthen by fighting these bugs, but it doesn’t make me like it. I hate having sick kids. So say a prayer that no one will get sick tomorrow.

Well, it’s time for me to get some actual work done, it’s time to update my budget to make sure the trip to AL is covered, since we’ve got this challenge with my sister I’d hate to miss the trip to win the prize. And more than that J would hate to miss his hunting trip. He looks forward to it from the minute we get home from it.  If I were a really good wife I’d drive up to the hunting store and enter him in the gun raffle that he’s been talking about for weeks. Maybe I’ll do that. Wish me luck. Or him luck, which ever way you want to look at it.

More later…..