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Finishing up….

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

So I didn’t finish all my thoughts the other day so here’s more. Hm, I was talking about S being so self sufficient. She’s gotten better at playing with things for longer periods of time, too. Her favorite at home is her new collection of Barbies. She has a Barbie that came in a bikini, she has a tattoo on her tummy. She has a Summer who has beautiful hair, and she has a Kelly with black hair. (The Kelly with blonde hair doesn’t have any legs right now so she’s still in the office till Daddy fixes her.) And little J has a Ken who’s name is Nick. Of course there are also the million and one various parts and clothes that go with them all. Here’s an interesting new thing, though. They’ve changed Barbie’s figure. She’s not nearly as, um, blessed as she used to be, her waist is a bit thicker, her hips are wider and her feet are much flatter and quite a bit bigger. Still not the average size 12 or 14 that normal women are but noticeably closer. So anyway, the other day she was playing with Summer and Nick and of course they were kissing then Summer picked up Kelly and said “OK, it’s time for you to go to bed”. Guess she’s seen that before, huh. 😉

So today we’re at J’s parents house so J could help his dad move some heavy stuff from his downstairs office to the new building. Except that J let go of the dolly at the top of the stairs and his dad at the bottom of the stairs got whacked in the head. He and J’s mom are at the hospital getting a CT scam (oops, did I say that? I meant scan) and stitches. J and his brother J2 are betting on the number. J says 7, I agree. J2 said 3.  The youngest brother, J3 is out of town with his girlfriend this weekend. He did much of the rest of the moving last weekend and left the last big pain in the butt things for the rest of them.

So I’m here at Grandma’s house with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa are at the hospital. Guess our chances for leaving the kids here and going out alone are shot. No big deal, though, there’s a very good Chinese take out place near here and we can rent a movie or something.  Although the Chinese place closes for the whole month, I forget if it’s July or August, and they all go back to China for the whole month. I guess it doesn’t matter since today’s still June, though. And that way J can put together the big pain in the butt piece of equipment since his Dad probably won’t be able to do it now.  J’s just about throwing up sick over it, he’s got a weak stomach anyway and seeing his dad fall and bleed has almost done him in. Poor thing. Both Dad and J.  Course, he’s been riding with his brother in his Jeep, and that makes him carsick. I just don’t see how we’re going to get through this day without J yakking.

Well that’s about it for me today, little J is pretty insistent that he sit in my lap here. But hey, 2 posts in a week, that’s a record, isn’t it? More later…..

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

2 kids

Well hello there! My, two posts in a year, that’s quite impressive! But, as you can see, I have two beautiful creatures who keep me so busy I can hardly think straight, much less put together a string of thoughts to post online. I’m trying hard today, though. We’ll see how it goes. So, where do i start to get everyone caught up? Let’s see. Ok. Little J turned 2 the end of March and boy, is he forevermore 2 years old. His favorite thing to do these days is whine and cry and scream at S. He was so funny the other night at the dinner table I actually had to get up and walk away. He had done something and J was getting on to him and he said, plain as day, “No, Daddy, you don’t talk to me that way.” It took me about 5 minutes to get myself under control after that one. His favorite word, of course, is NO. But he’s so smart he scares me sometimes. Right now he’s beside me in the office with a cord trying to wrap it up the way he found it, by winding it around his hand and elbow the way he’s seen his daddy do it. He can’t quite get it done right but it’s kept him occupied for the last 15 minutes. Goodness, the simplest thing make the best toys, why do I keep forgetting that? And now that his arm is stuck and he’s saying “Mama, it hurts my arm”, when I tried to unwrap him he said “no, let me do it”. Earlier, I was trying to sort of herd him out of the bathroom by touching his head, not really pushing just sort of guiding, and he turned around and looked up at me with the sternest expression a 2 year old can muster and said “NO PUSHING!” So you tell me, do I roll on the floor laughing of spank his bottom for talking to me like that? Please, I’ll accept all opinions. 🙂

S is now 4 years old and has been wearing big girl panties at night for the last week. Although last night and the night before she wet the bed. But she told me Tuesday morning that she had been dreaming about a big dragon that was blowing fire and she tee tee’d on it to put the fire out. Guess I can’t argue with that logic. Who knows what I might do if I were faced with a fire blowing dragon all by myself. Last night I think she was just too tired. She didn’t seem to be sleeping very well. But they went to Grandma’s house yesterday and probably had too much fun. 🙂 She loves to get up early, like before J has left for work. And she’s so independent, too, it amazes me. I’ve told her that she should brush her teeth every morning and every night and last nigh we put a step stool in the bathroom so she could do that. Well, this morning she ran downstairs and the first thing she did was brush her teeth. And then she pottyed all by herself.  And usually, I leave a bowl of dry cereal on the table for her and a cup of milk in the fridge and she fixes her own breakfast. Boy is that a neat trick on a Saturday morning when Little J will sleep till 10 but S gets up at the butt crack of dawn. 🙂