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Boogers and Pink Boys.

Friday, July 6th, 2007



So the top picture is what happens when you let your 4 year old daughter dress your 2 year old son. Note the painted toes, too. I did S’s for 4th of July with one side blue with white starts and the other side red and white stripes. Little J had to have his done, too. Hey, at least it’s not pink, right? Although I had to take the pink off to get the blue on. 🙂 He really is all boy, though, so don’t worry about him. He’d rather bang the Barbie’s heads together than anything else and he can already throw harder and farther than S. And when a toy doesn’t work for him he whacks it and throws it down and moves onto something else.

The second is my beautiful dainty girl. I told J last night I just know she’s going to be the one in preschool that eats the paste. She picks her nose just to eat the boogers and gross me out. And she does it when she knows I can’t get to a tissue fast enough. “Look and this BIG booger Mama!” gulp. It’s gone.

Well, we’re off to the grocery store. More later….