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Thursday, September 27th, 2007


Run 250M

5 PushUps (that’s right, 5 measly, wimpy, girl style, pansy-assed pushups.)

15 Pull Downs 45lbs

15 Bicep Curls 20lbs

Am pooped. ‘Night.


Work Out of the Day 2

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


25 Jump Rope

15 Full Extensions

15 Back Extensions

15 Tricep Dips

Learned something about myself tonight. Obviously I’ve reached an age where in order for me to jump rope effectively, I need….more poise. Poise? Yeah, maybe that’s it, I don’t know, depends. And that’s all I have to say about that.

From now on the title will be WOD and what ever number it is, WOD is work out of the day. It took me a while to figure that one out on the Crossfit site. duh.




Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


Run 400M

15 Sit ups

15 Thrusters 16lbs

15 PullDowns 40lbs

So here’s the deal. I’m doing a new workout. It’s from and it’s kicking my tushy. I’m going to set my goal for working out at least 3 times a week for the first few weeks then move to 5 times a week. This is the first week. I’ll post what I did here when I’m done and if I don’t post something at least 3 times a week I want someone to let me know. Email me, call me, whatever. I’ll post my progress as far as pounds lost, or more importantly inches lost, but don’t expect to see my actual weight or measurements, I don’t love ya’ll THAT much. My goal is to lose 40lbs, but my private fantasy is to have a body like you’ll see on the videos at the CrossFit website. Of all the workouts I’ve seen and tried these people have the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen. I’m not focusing too terribly much on diet other than cutting WAY back on sugar, actually cutting it out as much as possible, and cutting back on unnecessary fat. I am already really good at getting enough water and protein but I’m going to make sure I’m getting enough fruits and veggies, too. You know, in my spare time.

I know, this is really selfish of me, but I have to do it somewhere that someone else is going to call me on it if I get lazy. I post this kind of stuff on SparkPeople and I even keep a journal in my gym bag but it’s just so easy to ignore that. So here it is, out in the big wide world for God and everybody to see. I’ll write about kids and family stuff in other posts, and I’ll try my best to get that done at least once a week now, too. I’ve got to show ya’ll the first day of school.

That’s it for today. Good night!