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The Answer is….YES HE WILL!!

Friday, February 8th, 2008


The question is: Grayson the Monster Dog won’t eat that, will he? Or, Grayson won’t jump up there will he? Or, Grayson won’t snort that whole line of cayenne pepper to get to that bowl of cereal, will he? Life with a big dog is never boring. And even as I’m typing this he’s chomping on some toy that he snuck out of the office. Time to go save it from his mouth. The good news is that he’s never tried to bite me at all, even though I’ve had to reach almost all the way down his throat to save S’s ring. The pencil, however, didn’t survive.

So the kids are good, we’ve been sick off and on since Thanksgiving but nothing too terribly serious. Well, that’s not entirely true, that tummy virus that landed me in the ER for 2 whole bags of IV was pretty rough. But the kids didn’t have it nearly as bad as I did, thank the good Lord.  J’s job is going well, or rather, he just had a very good review. He’s frustrated with the job, as well as the drive, but we don’t want to endanger a good thing so he’s enduring. Although he has entered a business with 3 men from our small group, they’re doing everything from Christian lawyering to porta-potties. It’s a very interesting group of guys, to say the least.

S is doing very well in school, she had to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and she’s coming up with “ferocious” and “kangaroo”. She can count to 30 all by herself and that means she can put on those temporary tattoos that you have to hold the wet cloth on for 30 seconds. She and little J are both covered.  He’s doing very well, too, and as smart as S is, actually, even more so I’m afraid. We were walking in the parking lot the other day and I told him not to step in that puddle over there. Well, of course he goes right to it and jumps ankle deep in it and says “You’re too late, Mama”.  Boys are such fun.

Working out has gotten more fun, too. I’ve found a new group that meets at the Christian Family Centre, it’s called Pump and Pray.  It’s great. It’s 50 seconds of intense working out; push ups, jumping rope, presses, whatever; followed by 10 seconds of rest. For an hour. It’s great. I’ve only been to one class but I love it. They meet 3 days a week, Monday and Thursday at 6am, and Saturday at 7am. Those of you who know me understand how much fun it must be for me to haul my big white floppy butt out of bed at 7am on a Saturday morning. I haven’t yet made it to a Monday or Thursday class.  I plan to go again in the morning, I’ll let ya’ll know how it went.

Ok, time to go make lunch for the kids, oh they both got haircuts the other night. Check it out, I did it myself. What do you think?

More later…..