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Heh Heh…

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,and all the
patients were shouting ,’13….13….13′

The fence was too high to see over,but I saw a little gap in the planks
and looked through to see what was going on.

Some bastard poked me in the eye with a stick.

Then they all started shouting ’14….14….14’…

Hurray Hurray the First of May….

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Outdoor……..oh, this doesn’t end well. Nevermind.

Actually it’s the 7th of May and all is right with my world. Kids are fighting, house is messy, the garbage can is too full, yep, all is normal. We’ve had three beautiful days this week and I got the grass cut in record time yesterday thinking it was about to start storming and of course it never did. But hey, now I have the prettiest yard on the block, except for those few lines on the one side that are a little crooked. Oh well.

So kids are good, we’re getting ready for S’s graduation from preschool, it’s Wednesday May 28th at 6:30 at Ogden Church if anyone’s interested in going. That is, if she survives that long. I swear the girl has the attitude of a 13 year old. One more “why should I?” or “that’s not fair” or “I don’t want to” or “you like J more than me” and I’m probably just going to lock her in her room till she’s married. She hates sharing. She is mean to little J, but then again, she doesn’t lie. Yesterday afternoon they were outside and little J started crying. They both came in and I asked S what she had done and she answered, quite matter of factly, “I punched him in the face”. So, after a bad spanking, she had to apologize to him. Normally, when one apologizes, we have them kiss or hug each other. But, not being a dummy, little J wasn’t letting her get anywhere near him so she had to apologize from across the room. But before you feel too bad for either one of them, ask yourself. What did e do to deserve being punched in the face? Because anyone that has had a little brother knows he had to have done something. He took her bike away. Oh, no, he pushed her down and took her bike away. But since he had been punched in the face, he only had to sit in the chair and apologize for pushing her down and taking her bike. There was no blood, no bruises, obviously I need to teach S how to punch. Not yet, though, I’ll wait till she starts dating.

So little J is riding S’s bike. She’s almost 5, will be in a month, and he’s just turned 3. This is a normal sized kid bike, not the little tiny ones. He can ride it. And obviously he can win the fight to ride it, too. He can climb the tree in the front yard. He talks as much as S does and he’s a little smarter, too, I’m afraid. But for some reason just this week he’s turned into a boy. A real, live, dirty faced, skin-kneed, bug guts touching boy. He is pestering the heck out of S and me. If I ever sit down he immediately climbs on me and gets right in my face. “Mama, look at me.” He’ll get just as close to S as he can without touching her and when she pushes him away he cries and runs to me to get her in trouble. When I ask what happened he’ll say “I didn’t touch her”. S just looks at me with this defeated look. And now all of you no siblings kids and no kids adults understand why the oldest child hates the youngest. It starts very early. Jeez.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, J and I had entertained the idea of him getting a motorcycle to drive back and forth to work, since gas is now $3.65 a gallon here and he drives 100 miles a day. But then we remembered, he has horrible allergies in the summer. Oh well, it was a nice thought. Maybe he can talk his boss into letting him work from home once a week or so. Heheh, that’s wishful thinking.

And finally, May is my month to evaluate Crossfit. I’ve been following it pretty strictly for more than a month now, meaning I’ve done Crossfit workouts at least 3 times a week for the last several weeks. My weight hasn’t changed much at all, actually, even since last summer when I found Crossfit. My size hasn’t changed all that much either, to tell the truth, but that could be the Oreos. My fitness level, though, is unheard of for me. When I first started I was fighting to do one little wimpy girl pushup. Monday I did 100. In less than 5 minutes. As a matter of fact, Monday’s workout was a personal record for me and I’m pretty damn proud of it if I do say so myself. I did a half mile run/walk, 50 Pull downs at 70lbs, 100 pushups, 150 squats, then another half mile run/walk. In less than 45 minutes. And I could move the next day. Yesterday’s workout was another hard one, and I cut more than a minute off my previous time for the same workout. Today’s workout is more running but I haven’t done it yet. We’re headed to the gym when I’m finished here.

And now I’m finished here. Hope ya’ll have a great rest of the week!