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New Challange…

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

So my sister and I have challenged each other to lose at least 30lbs before Thanksgiving. It begins tomorrow. Which is even more fortuitous for me because both my new marathon training and a new CrossFit cycle start tomorrow. I won’t be posting my current weight or measurements here but I will post what I’ve lost or gained. I know, I’ve said that before and have never followed through but this time I mean it. And how many times have I said that, too? Umpteen gazillion, I know. I’ll post at least once a week if not more. I mean, now that I’m addicted to Mafia Wars I’m sure I’ll be online every day so there’s no excuse not to post here too.

So right now I’m off to bed. More tomorrow!


(I will post a picture but tonight is keeps crashing me so it will have to go up later.)


Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Facebook facebook, why have you forsaken me? It’s middle of the day on Sunday, and we’re on a roll at my house. The kids had cupcakes and Froot Loops for breakfast, and now they’re demolishing a bag of cheesy poofs for lunch. J and I have been playing games on the computer since we came downstairs. He’s on the couch playing Mario brothers on my netbook and I’m in the office playing MafiaWars on facebook. Or at least I was till Facebook went down for repairs. Or maintenance. Whatever. Either way it’s a pain in the butt cause I was just about to fight somebody. Oh well, guess I can go make a sandwich now.

Oh the Joy of Boy….

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Kids March 30 2009First of all, let me just say, it’s not my fault. I don’t know where he learned it, or where he saw it, but my son runs with scissors.  I do know why he did it, he had just cut his sister’s hair and she was chasing him. From the look on her face I’d’ve run with the scissors, too. The good news is he didn’t fall. The other good news is he didn’t do much damage to her hair. He also talks in his sleep. Or rather, he yells and cusses in his sleep. The other night, he was in our bed (of course) and he yells out “I hate you you stupid doo-doo face”. I have no idea who he was talking about but I didn’t want to wake him up to ask, I was laughing so hard I’m suprised I didn’t wake the whole house up. I have to admit that raising a boy is a huge learning experience for me.  “Why are you pulling at your body, is there a problem?” “No Mom, my penis is long.” Ok, sorry I asked. “Look Mom!! There’s a hole in my boxers for my penis!!!” Oh yeah, penis is his favourite word right now. That and doo-doo. “Mom, this wii-mote is NOT working, I need the hammer.” “I can’t put my pants on because they button and zip so forget it!” (usually as he’s throwing them as far as he can across the room) Life is never dull here.

The girl is doing great, too. She did get her hand smashed in the window the other day and we took off to the hospital for x-rays and a splint. It wasn’t broken but it was black and blue and swollen. The line where it hit was right across the back between her thumb and forefinger so that she couldn’t make the “OK” sign or make a fist. A few days later she was much better and said “Look Mom, I can make a fist now. Watch.” Wham. She punched little J in the stomach. She’s such a lady.

J’s doing well, still has a job, which is a good thing. We’re both going to be doing more with KidFusion at church in the fall, or even before that if they ask. His “side” company is doing well, too, he just doesn’t have as much time to work on it as he’d like.

I’m doing well, too, getting B12 shots about every other week. I missed the whole month of April and boy could I tell. I’ve been draggy and cranky all month. It is such an effort to remember to take all my vitamins every day, morning and night, and get the shots at least twice a month. And exercise. And eat. And tan. When on earth would I have time to go back to work?  Although we’ve gotten both kids enrolled at Lenawee Christian School for the fall. I can’t believe S will be in 1st grade and little J will be in Pre-K. Are they really that grown? Yes, yes they are. Goodness.

Ok, the little monsters have gone outside and it’s really very quiet so I need to go check. I’ll post more later. I’ll I’ll put up a new picture, soon, too.

Love ya’ll!