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Life Lessons…..

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Before I was married, I dreamed of having a house full of mean little red-headed boys.  My friend Jessica has two beautiful freckle-faced boys with dark red hair and mayhem in their eyes. My friend Kari has three boys with red hair and evil grins. I love them all. However, God, in His infinite wisdom, only blessed me with one. May I just say, THANK YOU! I have no idea what I would do with more than one boy. Yesterday, we were in the shoe store  trying to find shoes that made him run faster and I was kneeling in front of him attempting to put socks on his feet. He’s growling at me “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!” I didn’t say anything at all to him but I gave him “those” eyes and he immediately got silent. Then, as he’s looking directly into my heart, he mouths “blah“.  Thank you Lord, for making him funny.

So school starts Monday, and I can’t tell you how ready I am. I have a new notebook, I have new shoes, I even have a new shirt. Oh, and the kids have new stuff too, hehheh. I let Sarah pick out her shoes, she had to have dressy ones for church and chapel, gym shoes, and then casual shoes. She picked out glittery silver dressy ones, pink tennis shoes, and Hannah Montana boots.  She’s so cool. Course, she’s worn the boots out in the rain today so they might not last the weekend. We’ll see.  I had to force Jack into gym shoes, and dressy shoes for chapel just didn’t make it. I got him boots and we’ll hope that’s ok.

Ok, so I’ve got to remember to finish a post when I start it. It’s now 3 weeks into school and I no longer have any idea what I was thinking when I began. Oh well, such is life. So school is going great, I was a little concerned that Jack would not want to go, especially when he called his teacher a big dumb girl, but she’s also very pretty and very young and very blond, that seems to help quite a bit.  He’s actually upset that he only gets to go 3 days a week, he wants to go every day. Some days I think “NO, he’s too young, let me keep him little just a little longer.”  But most days I seriously consider it.

Sarah’s only complaint so far is that the books she’s been given to read are too easy for her.  She is supposed to read them each three times and after the first time she’s pretty much got it memorized. “Mom, I can read it with my eyes closed, watch”. And then she does. So I picked up the “Dick and Jane Treasury ” I had bought years ago and she got so excited. “You mean I get to read that whole big book?”  And then she opened it and read a little to herself, looked up and me and with the straightest face and most monotone voice she says “Oh oh oh. Look look look. Mom Mom Mom. Boring boring boring.” Guess she’s gonna start Crime and Punishment next.

So J’s work seems to be going well. His side business has slowed down a bit but I keep hearing rumors that changes are coming so we’ll have to see about that.

Let’s see, so what else.  I’m doing well,  involved in 2 bible studies and a “Creative Corrections” class for the semester. I’m really enjoying all 3, although the CC hasn’t started yet. One study is a Beth Moore on Esther, it’s wonderful. I just love her. And she’s southern so I feel right at home.  The other is my regular Tuesday morning study that I’ve been out of for many months. A friend and I went back this morning and I can’t believe I’ve stayed away for so long. Thank you, Linda, for your wonderful heart and beautiful teaching. And thank you Lord for Linda!

Ok, it’s late and I’m tired. Time to wrap this up and hit the hay. I’ll post more later, I’m working on a tough devotional one. Say a prayer for me, it involves all sorts of worries of mine. Love ya’ll!