Football Season is HERE!!!!

I am a HUGE Alabama football fan. I bleed crimson. I yell ROLL TIDE even when they were losing and playing like wimps. And I yell when they’re winning, the Iron bowl game, the SEC championship game, and the national championship game. I love Alabama football.

My husband, however, (I still haven’t come up with an appropriate name for him) is a Michigan fan. I know, I know, I pray for him too. We live very near Ann Arbor. Sidenote: the street signs in Ann Arbor are maize and blue. But he is not as true a fan as I am. I have seen him be in the middle of a game, realize that Michigan is losing, and WALK AWAY FROM THE TV. I don’t understand it either. When they’re winning, he claims to be a die-hard fan. I have to admit, it makes my life calmer when they’re winning, and as long as they’re not playing Alabama that’s just fine. But the first football season we were married, Alabama and Michigan played each other in the Orange bowl. Alabama lost by 1 point in overtime. I was not pleased. But my husband could not be too happy because we were at my Uncle Claud’s house surrounded by most of my family.

I should take a moment here to point out that my entire family are Bama fans. Most of them are intense fans. That means so much more than ‘die-hard’. Tempers explode, they don’t just flare. Blood pressures blast into deep space, they don’t just rise. Voices of the most soft spoken and gentle men become roars that are heard miles away. And the women are even more intense. This is the situation in which my brand new yankee husband found himself upon the Alabama loss of the Orange bowl. His first response was “Michigan won!” His next thought was “how the hell do I survive this?” So it might have been a victory, but it was definitely a subdued one.

Now, we watch games together, I’ll pull for Michigan, he’ll pull for Alabama, and all is well with our world. Alabama and Michigan aren’t scheduled to play each other for at least 2 more years. We’re good, for now.

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  1. twylia Says:

    LOVE it!! my hubby is a bama fan as are most of the members of our family. he has been trying to get our lil monster to yell ROLL TIDE for him but she pretends she can’t talk for those few seconds. my mom & her side of the family are strictly auburn fans (booo!) since my cousin graduated from there.

  2. kate in michigan Says:

    Hi. Visiting from Rants. Your comment there was … genius. Brilliant. I laughed so violently my dog rolled over and peed. So there is that.

    I like that your husband has proper awe and respect for you, and wish you could tell me how you do it. I’ll have to read your blog here and find out!

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