Is It Midnight Yet?

It’s Monday afternoon, my kids don’t start back to school for another 3 weeks, we leave this weekend for a week of camping that means this week I am doing all the ‘get ready’ stuff. But my kids are too rambunctious to stay in the house. However, Sarah broke her arm last week and had surgery Friday so I’m a little leery of letting her go outside to play. She’s got a rod in her bone and her arm in a cast, but her had is still swollen and I’m just too cautious to send her outside to climb her tree. That means Jack won’t go outside either. They’re upstairs right now chasing each other with swords and Nerf guns. Cause that’s so much safer than climbing a tree.

It’s not even 4pm, I’m exhausted, and I really, really, really want a big glass of wine. But I don’t like to drink my wine straight, I put fruit juice in it. I’m out of fruit juice. That means I either have to drink it straight, ugh, go get fruit juice,  which means I have to put on more clothes than the boxers and t-shirt I’ve worn all day, or go without. Straight it is.

Uh oh, it’s quiet on the upstairs front. There’s no telling what they’ve gotten into.


Bye for now.

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