Oh all right, I give up….

So the first of March I had a friend start a 90 day health challenge. I think he was actually doing the P90X exercise series. I said I was up for the challenge, and if I’m completely honest, I knew I was lying when I said it. I’m really good for about three days. And that’s fine because my CrossFit workout cycle is three days of work, one day of rest. Except that my personal workout cycle tends to be three days of work, one week of rest. Oh well. At least I’m doing something, right? Actually, I’ve just signed up for a “duathlon”, running and biking.  It’s in 2 months.  It will be my first official contest.  Well see how it goes.

So it’s been a really weird day in my world today.  I thought I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, my doctor is about an hour away.  I thought my appointment was at 9:30 so we all got up a little early, we all rushed around, and finally got out the door.   I dropped the kids off as school, took the special order thing into the school office, came back and finished getting ready and flew to Ann Arbor for my appointment.  When I checked in, she said “I don’t have you on the schedule for today.”  Crap. My appointment wasn’t until NEXT Monday.  But God is good and my doctor had an opening for right then.  Cool. Got done there and came home only to get the call from school that Jack was crying with  bad headache.  So I went and picked him up and before we could get home he was throwing up.  I’m not sure what is causing his headaches, he has them every once in a while.  He’ll cry when it gets very bad then he’ll throw up. Then he’ll sleep for a while then he’ll be fine. This all happens in a matter of a few hours, they never last very long. I’m thinking it must either be changes in the atmospheric pressure or something he’s eating.  I’ve started keeping a log of them.

Then tonight I was cooking dinner.  Enchiladas and re-fried beans.  I got out the pot to heat the beans.  I got out the can of beans.  I got out the can opener.  It seemed like the opener wasn’t fitting on the can just right so I used a lot of force on it.  So I cranked with all my strength and tried like hell to open…..the edge of the pot. Duh.  Just color me blond today.

Ah well, it’s late. I’m tired. But best of all, I’m forgiven. Ya’ll should try it sometime.

More later,  love ya’ll!


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