Oh help!

My children are driving me abso-freakin-lutely spittin’ cherry pits moonbat crazy! In the last 5 minutes I have watched Thing 2, who is 5, climb halfway up my stairs, on the outside of the banister, then drop onto the monster dog’s bed with a huge crash and a loud “AWESOME!” I’ve watched Thing 1 (who is 7) do her version of the ‘pee pee’ dance. Then Thing 2 had to show me his version, which of course involved flopping and convulsing on the floor. Then there was the battle over the wiimote. And they’re both smacking gum as closely to my ears as is humanly possible without getting gum in my hair. The Hubby is playing some shoot-em-up-splatter -blood-game on his computer and pretty much just hiding in the office.

We got back from our camping trip yesterday, we spent a week camping in the woods at Lake Michigan. The Things whined and fussed and fought most of the time and Hubby and I were pretty cranky, too. So we packed up a day early and made it home at about 4am today. So the van is still packed to the gills. And that includes our toothbrushes. And obviously my patience, too.  Because for the love of all that is blue and green if Thing 2 doesn’t stop kissing me I’m going to dropkick him across the ever loving house! Ok, time for lunch. Drive thru it is.

I just asked the Things what they wanted from Arby’s. Thing 2 wants 71 french fries. Huh. Sounds good to me too. See ya’ll later.

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